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Testimonial from: T.L.

Thank you for all your help with my dilemma. I was really impressed by the way things were handled. Anyone that I run across needing a lawyer, I always refer them to you. Thanks so much.

We are here to serve our clients!

Testimonial from: P.B.N.

As in-house counsel, I have had the distinct pleasure working with Melanie Beauchamp outside litigation counsel. Melanie is a highly skilled trial counsel who has a keen sense of the requisite balance between aggressively defending a lawsuit on behalf of her client and keeping a watchful eye on the costs associated with the defense of the case. She works very effectively as a partner with in-house counsel in managing ongoing litigation. She does an excellent job maintaining status update communication in regards to all developments in the matter she is handling. She is an exemplary legal professional in every way.

Melanie has my highest recommendation.

We are here to serve our clients!

Lawrence Pollister

I wanted to take this time to personally thank you and your legal team for helping me through the most difficult time of my life. You and Pam Forness are miracle workers. Rest assured, you will have my glowing recommendation to anyone seeking legal assistance.

We are here to serve our clients!

Testimonial from: L

You guys are the best and you exceeded all expectations. You were professional all the way. You met all my needs and completed the goal I was looking for. You are the best law firm in Phoenix and no none else could have gotten me the sentence you did. I would recommend every person in Arizona to Oracle Law Group for legal advice and representation.

Thank you,

We are here to serve our clients!


“Thanks so much for your help and hard work on my case! I was very pleased with the outcome. I will recommend your firm in the future. Thanks again!”

We are here to serve our clients!

Testimonial from: M.A.

Our son did an illegal act as a minor which was very much out of character. He has been remorseful and realizes a reckless illegal act can ruin his life. Melanie was a champion on his behalf in helping him with his legal difficulties. She did all that was possible to assist him with his difficult legal situation. She took the time to talk to him in a proactive and action oriented manner to encourage him to lead a positive life. She encouraged him to do the right thing and stay on the right path. We are grateful to her for her desire to assist our son. We made the right decision in retaining Oracle Law Group. Her staff was extremely helpful and patient. Thanks to all

We are here to serve our clients!


On behalf of the Chamber and Ahwatukee Business Development attendees, thank you very much for the time you spent with us this morning.

Giving attention to each attendee, their business and goals was a perfect learning experience for all as we were impressed with your advice for each individual situation.

Thanks again.

We are here to serve our clients!


Thank you all for the continued support, the updates and letters about the most difficult time of my life. I am staying positive that the outcome will be successful due to your continuous support.

We are here to serve our clients!


Thanks a bunch for helping me through the court deal. I don’t really know what else to say. But thanks a ton…again.

We are here to serve our clients!

Testimonial from: A.S.

I am so thankful for all of your hard work and dedication to my case. Your law Office was very helpful whenever I had a question. You showed concern, even before I was your client. There are no words that can describe what the outcome of my case has done for me and my family. Thanks again for your hard work, dedication, and expertise.

We are here to serve our clients!

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Oracle Law Group has won over $100 million in compensation for personal injury clients:

Important Business Law Changes in 2016

The buzz around the U.S. Department of Labor’s changes to the federal overtime regulations has been hard to ignore. The changes, which go into effect on December 1, 2016, are estimated to extend overtime pay protections to approximately 4 million workers within the first year of their implementation. But what exactly are the changes that will be happening in December? Here’s a closer look at the Department of Labor’s “Final Rule.”

In 2014, President Obama directed the Department of Labor to update the regulations governing the exemption of executive, administrative, and professional employees from the protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). According to the FLSA, employees should be compensated at their overtime rate for all hours worked over 40, unless they meet one of the exemptions. The last time the Department of Labor updated these exemptions was 2004. These new changes focus on updating the salary and compensation levels needed for executive, administrative, and professional workers to be

What Business Laws ARE Changing?

The Standard Salary level

The Compensation Requirement for Highly-Compensated Employees

Currently, in order to be exempt from overtime pay, an employee must be paid a minimum specified amount. Previously, that amount was $455 per week. However, the new rule changes the minimum specified amount to $913 per week, or $47,476 annually. This means that more middle-class Americans will be eligible for overtime pay.

Another exemption under the FLSA is the highly-compensated employee exemption. This exemption says that workers who earn a total annual compensation of $100,000 or more, whose primary duty includes office or non-manual work, are exempt from overtime pay.

This new rule disallows highly-compensated from receiving overtime pay.

Automatic Updating

What Business Laws are NOT Changing?

Finally, the new rule establishes a mechanism to automatically update the salary and compensation levels every three years in an effort to keep the levels at a level that will be helpful and effective. This part of the new rule will start on January 1, 2020, and the rates will be updated every 3 years from then.

There are no changes to the standard duties test for the exemption of executive, administrative, and professional employees. The current test of what the employee’s “primary duty” is will continue to be used. This includes examining whether the employee’s “primary” duties include managing a department or employees, exercising discretion and independent judgment, or performing work that requires advanced knowledge in a field of science or learning.

What are Options for Phoenix Employers for the Changes to the Salary Level?

Given these various changes and their wide-ranging effect, employers have two main options available to them in order to stay in compliance: (1) employers can raise salaries to maintain the exemption; or (2) pay current salaries with overtime after 40 hours, reorganize workloads, adjust schedules, and spread work hours