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David Fernando

Valley Cities Step Up Pedestrian Safety

After decades of building wide, car-friendly streets, Valley cities are taking steps to make things safer and friendlier for pedestrians.  Arizona, and the Valley in particular, has had a chronic pro...

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Bus Causing Fatal Crash Has No Insurance

A fatal car crash caused six to die this morning when a bus hit a pickup and rolled over on the interstate south of Phoenix. Come to find out…the bus company involved in the accident has been operat...

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5 Shocking Distracted Driving Statistics

We have all seen distracted drivers. I would even venture to guess that all of us, at one time or another, have been distracted drivers. You know the behaviors; eating, applying mascara, texting or ma...

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Arizona’s Traffic Dangers

This video about a recent accident near 43rd Ave and Greenway (Saturday, January 9th 2010) is a startling reminder about two very dangerous facts about Arizona. Not only has Arizona been under nationa...

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