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Need to round out your litigation team with some experience anddiversity?

When it comes to tests of social sensitivity women tend to score higher. What does social sensitiviy mean? It is the ability to perceive and comprehend the behaviors, feelings and motives of others. Here are some examples of how women exceed lawyer expectations:

·         Showing Authority

Men tend to wield their authority with commands. Women have a different approach. Women prove that what they are telling you to do is the best thing. While men are the stereotypical general or coach, ordering others about, women are your mom or teacher.

·         Connecting on a Personal Level

Women have a reputation of connecting on a more personal level. They can empathize with those around them. The advantage is being seen as intuitive rather than lenient. Rather than seeing rules in black and white alone, they bring in things like justice, compassion and morals.

·         Collaboration

Women are known to use relationship building and persuasion as tactics in negotiations. While women have the ability to use a stern approach they will more likely lean towards a soft persuasive one. As the attorney collaborates with the jury, trust is built, strengthening the attorney/juror relationship. The jury is more likely to look kindly on an accomodating attitude rather than an aggressive or pushy one.

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