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Business litigation is the legal process that will enforce legal rights and penalize those in error. When a contract dispute goes to court, litigation is normally a very lengthy and labor-intensive process, especially if the case goes to trial. Unfortunately, alternative business dispute resolutions (which refers to mediation or arbitration) is not always a viable option, and the case may need to go to trial.

Business litigation can be an unexpected part of any business, and Oracle Law Group is here to help ensure your case receives the personal attention it deserves. Our qualified team is always prepared to handle contract disputes and fight for your right to full compensation. We pride ourselves on quickly identifying each client’s problems and mapping out a clear and effective solution.

The attorneys at Oracle Law Group have courtroom experience that has earned our Firm a reputation for diligently fighting for our clients’ rights.

Oracle Law Group was created in order to help business owners and consumers who have been victims of fraudulent, negligent, or malicious acts by others. By taking the case to court, our Firm gives our clients the best opportunity to receive punitive and monetary damages. Oracle Law Group can counsel anyone looking to resolve a legal dispute. Our firm services clients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and many other areas of Arizona.

Is Business Litigation the Answer?

Our Firm can apply our expertise of business law and extensive courtroom experience to determine whether litigation, arbitration, or mediation is the best direction for your case. At Oracle Law Group, we have handled business related lawsuits to help our clients through this sometimes confusing process. Clients can expect to go through the following steps during litigation:

  • File the initial pleading (the Complaint);
  • Motions (request for a judge for a specific action- ie. include or dismiss evidence);
  • Discovery (includes depositions and interrogatories);
  • Pre-trial conference (how the trial will be structured);
  • Trial;
  • Judgment; and
  • Appeal (if judgment is unsatisfactory)

Additional Business Law Services

In addition to litigation, our corporate clients also use our services to anticipate and identify legal problems, draft legal documents, minimize legal exposure and improve efficiency. Our Firm works hand-in-hand with our clients to help eliminate legal problems before they surface, allowing our clients to more effectively and successfully navigate the corporate landscape.

The effective and timely resolution of each of our client’s legal problems is our number one goal. A call to Oracle Law Group is the simplest way to ensure your business has the best possible legal advice, guaranteeing a stable legal foundation for your business.

Whatever legal problems may be facing you or your business, your best option is making Oracle Law Group your first call. Let us provide you with the best possible course of action in seeking the legal reward that you deserve. Contact Oracle Law Group at 480-704-0777 today!