Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

There are more than 1 billion bicycles in the world today, and the number grows every second. Annual bike production is more than double car production. The sheer number of bicycles on the road means that accidents are inevitable.

Arizona’s diverse terrain and beautiful weather make Arizona a destination for bicycle enthusiasts. Arizona is one of the top 10 bike-friendly states and is home to nine official Bicycle Friendly communities as designated by the League of American Bicyclists. Almost 50% of bicyclists use paved roads, with sidewalks being a distant second at 13.6%. This statistic indicates the high probability of a collision between bicyclists and motor vehicles.

Know the Facts

  • In 2012, there were 726 bicycle fatalities and 49,000 injuries.
  • Of the 726 fatalities, 634 were men.
  • Most fatalities (69%) occurred in an urban setting with 60% occurring at a non-intersection location.
  • The average age of a bicyclist fatally injured is 43.
  • Nearly one-fourth (24%) of bicyclists killed in 2012 had BACs of .08 or higher.
  • Arizona had the 9th highest bicyclist fatalities in 2012.

Even though drivers of motor vehicles should be aware of bicyclists, often they are not. Bicyclists should increase their visibility either by wearing fluorescents or using lights to alert cars that they are sharing the road.

How Beauchamp Law Can Help You

Despite all of the safety precautions, Arizona bicycle accidents still happen and can be tragic. The injuries resulting from a bicycle accident may be costly, and helping you recover those costs is important to the bicycle accident attorneys at Oracle Law Group.

All law firms are not created equal. Choosing the right attorney, with the right experience, makes all the difference for your case. There are complexities that come with bike accident claims that some personal injury lawyers may not understand. The Phoenix bicycle accident attorneys at Oracle Law Group are equipped to handle your case. Beauchamp Law has an attorney on staff that is also a registered nurse, bringing compassion and warmth to her legal work. We want to help you on the road to recovery by evaluating your legal claims that may entitle you to compensation for your losses.

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