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Working Dad walking with sonIn the majority of daycare centers and preschools, every precaution is made to prevent accidents while your child is in daycare. In Arizona, there are laws that daycares must follow in order to legally operate. For example, a legitimate daycare must obtain a license in order to operate in the state. Also, the Department of Health Services has strict requirements – the Daycare Administration Rules – that daycares must follow.

Despite these requirements, children are injured every day. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reports that 4.2 million nonfatal injuries occur annually in daycare centers across America with children between the ages of one and four. Within the same age group, nearly 3,000 children were fatally injured, and over 41 percent are the direct result of unintentional falls.

Be Proactive

Avoiding these risks starts at the beginning. Picking a daycare or preschool that meets the state regulations is a good place to start.

Here is a list of important safety checks:

1) State regulations require annual inspections. Check to see how the daycare does in its annual inspection.

2) The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a list of safety hazards for preschools. Google the list, and see how your prospective daycare does.

3) Playgrounds are the setting for a large number of injuries. Check to see how well the center maintains theirs. Are the equipment and the grounds well maintained?

Watch for Injuries

Even under the most regulated situations, a child can be injured. Some of the most common injuries to occur at daycares involve neglect, or staff members who are careless in looking after the safety of the children in their care. Another way for your child to be injured in daycare is if the daycare does not have age-appropriate toys for playtime. Another possibility is intentional abuse by staff members.

A licensed daycare center operates under the premise that they are obligated to act with due care with every child. When a daycare fails to act with that level of care, and your child is injured because of their actions, you may have a successful claim against the daycare. When a child is injured in a preschool, our attorneys will completely investigate the incident, the staff, and any other children involved. We have litigated thousands of personal injury cases and we have extensive experience in daycare injuries.

Contact an Experienced Daycare Injury Attorney

It is important that you speak to an experienced daycare attorney who is specifically experienced in daycare regulations and personal injury cases if your child has experienced an injury at his or her daycare. Please contact our Office at 480-704-0777 if your child has been injured or you have questions about daycare child abuse and injuries.