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How Choosing an Arizona Accident Attorney that Will Avoid Court at All Costs Will Hurt Your Case

I’ve heard of surveys out there that list peoples’ greatest fears. Without fail, number one on the list is public speaking. This ranks above death. This means that more people would rather die than speak in front of a group. If you watch shows like Law and Order, you might think that all lawyers are a different breed, and relish the opportunity to speak in front of a crowd. But most attorneys avoid the courtroom like the plague. It may be due to the unpredictably of a jury rather than a fear of speaking in front of them, but it seems that even some lawyers agree with the surveys and would rather die than argue your case to a jury Some Arizona accident attorneys use their aversion to a court room as a virtue, promising you that they will not make you set foot in that nasty place. This may, however, lead to lower settlement offers and cases that drag on far longer than is necessary.

Insurance companies deal with Arizona personal injury attorneys on a regular basis, and they know your lawyer. Insurance companies hate juries just as much as some attorneys because they can do unpredictable things, like award millions of dollars for a spilled coffee. But, if the insurance company knows that your Arizona accident lawyer will avoid the courtroom at all costs, what incentive do they have to give you a great offer so they can avoid it? In other words, it is not very hard for them to avoid court when they know your lawyer will never take them there. Further, what is the rush to get you that offer if they know your lawyer is not going to push for a court date? Your attorney will always try to settle a case without trial, but an attorney that will happily go to court if the offer is not fair is much more likely to get a higher offer so the insurance company can avoid going to court. They are also far more likely to get the offer early in the process.

I am not saying that every lawyer that is happy to go to court for you will necessarily get the best offer or result. But, if you have an experienced trial attorney, the insurance company will be eager to avoid a possible jury verdict against them. Again, the insurance company knows your lawyer. Look for an Arizona personal injury attorney that has actual trial experience. A very experienced trial attorney is one with nearly fifty or more jury trials under their belt.

If you are terribly shy and are concerned about choosing a lawyer that is not afraid to go to trial, I will give you the great secret: The more experienced your Arizona accident lawyer is in the courtroom, and the more willing he or she is to go to court to get you what you deserve, the less likely you will be to need to go to court to get the best result.

In Need of a Phoenix Injury Lawyer? 5 Questions That May Save Your Skin When Choosing an Arizona Accident Attorney

After an accident, you may find that you get a lot of attention. Everyone wants to talk to you about how you are doing. This is not just from concerned family, but insurance companies, too. The attention may feel nice, but whether you know it or not, you have entered a legal mine field. If you say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, or wait too long, you will take the hit and pay for the inevitable consequences of an accident, even if the accident was through no fault of your own. The insurance companies will not care about how you are doing once they are off the hook to pay for it. To navigate this mine field, it is wise to have a guide who knows where the danger is and how to avoid it. A good Arizona accident attorney can be that guide.

The answers to the following questions will help you see which Arizona personal injury attorney will best help you avoid mistakes that could blow your case out of the water. Choosing the right accident attorney in Arizona can make all the difference. So can choosing the wrong one.

  • How long has this attorney been practicing Arizona personal injury law? You need an attorney that has seen it all, and knows how to handle every twist in your case. Arizona accident attorneys with five or ten years of experience may be caught off guard with a unique fact in your case or the insurance company’s tactics. Find an attorney with twenty or more years of Arizona-specific personal injury experience.
  • How much trial experience does this attorney have? Be specific here. Ask how many trials an attorney has done. Despite what TV might show, many attorneys rarely, if ever, go to trial. In fact, some will do whatever it takes to avoid going to trial. You need a lawyer who is experienced in the courtroom and is not afraid to go to trial if necessary. Insurance companies want to avoid trial. If they know your attorney is afraid to go to trial, they are less willing to make a good offer to settle the case. An experienced trial attorney translates to higher settlements and, ironically, less need for trials. Seek out an Arizona injury lawyer with 50 or more jury trials.
  • How many personal injury cases has this attorney handled? You need an Arizona personal injury attorney, not a bankruptcy or divorce attorney that recently started handling Arizona personal injury cases. Fifty or sixty cases in the past is not good enough. It is your future you are putting in the hands of an attorney. Every attorney needs to learn from years of concentrated experience, but do not let them learn from your case. Use an Arizona accident attorney that already has the experience specific to Arizona personal injury law.
  • Has this attorney handled cases in the court where my case is assigned? It is vital that your attorney is familiar with the court where your case is assigned. A lawyer who knows the different procedures and preferences of judges and courts is able to position your case in a way that is most beneficial to you. If you are in Phoenix or a surrounding city or your accident or personal injury occurred in the Phoenix area, find a Phoenix injury lawyer or firm that routinely handles cases in the court where your case will be filed. An accident attorney in Phoenix is easy to find, but remember to ask the other questions.
  • What do this attorney’s past clients say about him or her? The best source for information about the work of an attorney is the clients who have used them in the past. Look for a Phoenix injury lawyer that has personal contact with his or her clients and keeps them up-to-date. Stay away from “drive-through” Arizona accident attorneys that rarely meet their clients, pass off clients’ files to their staff, or fail to keep clients informed.

Choose carefully, your future is at stake. By asking these questions, you will ensure that your Arizona accident attorney will guide you through the treacherous legal process and secure the maximum amount to cover your losses from an accident. This will leave you free to put your life back together instead of dealing with the complicated legal aspects of your accident.