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Have you suffered a personal injury by the negligent or intentional acts of another person? Did this person’s actions lead to hardship, pain and suffering, financial losses, or medical expenses? In order to receive any sort of financial compensation for your injuries, you must prove that your injuries were caused by the negligent act of another party. Oracle Law Group has extensive experience in personal injury law and has successfully helped our clients in all of the following cases:

Phoenix Injury Claim Representation

When Oracle Law Group represents you for an injury claim, we ensure that you are well cared for and there is a clear plan to help guide your case. We take the following steps when we begin your representation:

  • Help you secure a rental car until your car is fixed;
  • Help you find a doctor who will wait for payment until a settlement is reached;
  • Order and review police reports;
  • Assign an investigator to investigate and photograph the scene;
  • Interview witnesses, and research supportive evidence;
  • Review witness statements;
  • Investigate the accident scene and facts;
  • Research all available coverage;
  • Request and compile your medical records and bills;
  • Negotiate directly with medical providers to seek a reduction of your medical bills; and
  • Protect your rights against the insurance companies.

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Oracle Law Group can provide you or your loved ones with the resources, knowledge, and experience to see that justice is served and that you receive fair compensation for your personal injury.

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