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Parental Liability

Laws that make parents responsible for the actions of their children, regardless of their awareness of the alleged actions, have been implemented by many states. Criminal liability on parents and even the right to sue a parent by a person injured by a child have been adopted by some states. Enacted ordinances, or local laws, that make a parent guilty of an offense, such as “failing to supervise a minor,” if a child breaks the law have been imposed by many counties and cities. Since the law varies so much from state to state and since the legal and financial consequences may be severe, an experienced juvenile attorney is vital to advise you regarding your rights and responsibilities.

Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility laws vary widely from state to state. Most, if not all states have laws that make it a crime to contribute to the delinquency of a minor, or to allow a child to consume alcohol or illegal drugs. In many states, a parent commits a crime if his or her child does not attend school as required by law. In a few states, a parent may be fined or even imprisoned for failing to supervise a child. These laws often apply only to parents whose children are involved in serious criminal activity, such as gang membership.

Other states do not hold parents criminally liable for the acts of their children, but may still require parents to assume some responsibility of their children’s actions. Parents could be:

  • Required by law to take an active role in the juvenile court proceedings.
  • Obligated to attend all hearings that concern their child.
  • Required to participate in counseling sessions with their children.
  • Required to enforce any conditions of probation ordered for their children.
  • Ordered to pay restitution to the victim of their child’s offense.
  • Required to pay the cost of prosecuting their children.
  • Required to pay child’s room and board at residential detention center.

A juvenile court proceeding is not only an action against a child, but may also give rise to an action against a parent. At Oracle Law Group, an experienced juvenile defense lawyer can provide parents with advice on what type of liability they could face for their child’s actions.

Experienced Phoenix Juvenile Attorneys

Parental responsibility laws can impose a great deal of stress on an already stressful situation. Fines or court costs can place a huge strain on a family’s financial situation and jail time imposed on a parent can take that parent away from a child during a time that child needs a parent the most. If your child is involved in a juvenile court matter, seek the counsel of an experienced Phoenix defense attorney at Oracle Law Group to ensure your parental rights are thoroughly understood and are effectively protected.