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We help in Phoenix Fraud Cases
We help in Phoenix Fraud Cases

Anyone who has been victimized by fraud can feel helpless and frustrated without any recourse. However, an experienced legal team can help these victims recover their damages, restore their credit, and give them a sense of justice.

There are several different tactics that people and companies will use to defraud individuals, which include bait-and-switch and false advertising. Fraud is not only a crime that can be tried in a civil court, but a criminal court as well, because it can be considered theft.

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If you feel like you have been defrauded by a company or individual, you may be entitled to monetary damages and recover what was taken from you. Consult with the attorneys at Oracle Law Group to see what recourse you have against those who have wronged you. Our Firm wants to see justice served, and will aggressively defend the rights of the victimized clients.


Fraudulent acts can be carried out in a variety of different methods. Our team can help you if you have been victimized by any of the following:

  • Bait-and-switch;
  • False advertising;
  • False representation;
  • False promises;
  • Lies and deceit;
  • Pyramid schemes;
  • Identity theft; and
  • Phishing

Being defrauded is a crime that is not to be taken lightly, and Oracle Law Group will fight to see that justice is served and that our clients receive any lost damages or compensation for being victimized. Contact us today at 480-704-0777 to see how we can help.