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Modification of Court Orders

Modifying a Court Order
Modifying a Court Order

As your personal and professional circumstances change, it will often be necessary to modify the legally-binding court orders you are subject to in order to reflect those changes. At these pivotal moments, it is critical that these modifications are highly representative of your current circumstances. As such, the experienced attorneys at Oracle Law Group will do everything they can to protect your interests, along with those of your family.

If your personal or professional circumstances have changed since a Phoenix court order has come into effect, our dedicated team of Phoenix attorneys will do everything they can to help you see that representative and fair modifications are made to those court orders.

Modifying Court Orders in Phoenix

Major life changes can have a significant impact on how existing court orders affect you and your family, which is why it’s important to seek immediate legal assistance if you believe that a change in your or your family’s circumstances warrants any of the following:

  • Modifications to Child Custody;
  • Modification to Visitation Agreements;
  • Modification to Support Agreements; and
  • Modification of Alimony

Depending upon the circumstances, this process can be emotionally charged for both you and your former partner. In any case, however, our sympathetic Phoenix lawyers will be there for you every step of the way.

Contact a Phoenix Court Order Modification Attorney

At Oracle Law Group, our lawyers understand that your ever-evolving personal and professional circumstances may necessitate the modification of an otherwise legally binding court order. To discuss your particular circumstances and how you might modify a court order with the help of one of our Phoenix divorce lawyers, please call our Office at (480) 704-0777 today.