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Simplified Divorce

Simplified Phoenix Divorce Lawyers
Simplified Phoenix Divorce Lawyers

If you and your spouse believe you can amicably agree on the terms of your divorce, then you might be able to go through a simplified divorce. A simplified divorce is one way to possibly expedite the divorce process, and a way to save some money while ending your divorce in an amiable manner.

The Phoenix simplified divorce attorneys of the Oracle Law Group, can help Phoenix couples discuss their divorce options. Similarly, one of our experienced divorce attorneys may give you critical legal advice throughout the process, all the while fiercely protecting your legal rights.

Special Requirements for Simplified Divorce

Not every couple in Phoenix can qualify for simplified divorce, even if they agree on divorce terms. There are some special requirements that must be met for a couple to pursue this type of divorce. These requirements include:

  • There are no minors involved in the marriage
  • Both parties agree the divorce has ended / the marriage cannot or will not be saved
  • Both parties agree on all divorce settlement terms

If these requirements are met, then Phoenix couples looking to expedite their divorce and save money on the divorce process might be able to consider simplified divorce. Speak with a Phoenix divorce attorney about your legal options and how to make sure your legal rights are protected.

Contact a Simplified Divorce Attorney in Phoenix

Phoenix couples who wish to get divorced quickly and who agree on the terms of their divorce might benefit from simplified divorce. If you think this applies to your situation, or you would like to discuss other options, the Phoenix simplified divorce attorneys at the Oracle Law Group, can help. Contact our Phoenix offices today by calling (480) 704-0777 to learn more.