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5 Things You Need To Know Going Into Divorce

Divorce can be one of the hardest things a person goes through in life, but sometimes it is the only option a couple has left. At Oracle Law Group, we want you to be as educated as possible before proceeding with a divorce, as this can remove unnecessary worries and stress that could otherwise cause further problems between a couple. In our experience, we’ve noticed emotions can often get in the way of logical decision-making during a divorce. However, if you consider these five things, you should be in a better place to proceed.

Hire a Divorce Attorney

Divorces can become messy and complicated. It’s imperative that you consult with an experienced Phoenix divorce attorney so you understand exactly how a divorce case can play out. Divorce lawyers can explain all your rights and options throughout the process and help you avoid the biggest problems that may arise. Ultimately, one of your biggest assets during a divorce is an experienced attorney on your side, working for your interests and making sure you are fairly represented in this sensitive matter.

Be Clear on Your Family’s Finances

Your family’s financial situation needs to be discussed by both parties because until now, the financial successes and burdens you’ve experienced have been a shared experience. Now that you’ve reached the point in your marriage where you are ready to go your separate ways, it is crucial that you both understand where you stand financially. To do this, you will need to compile a list of assets shared between the two of you, coupled with a list of debts either of you may still carry. It’s important to place a value on every asset and debt you share, so you are aware of the capital you are working with. From there, you need to gather all financial records and clarify the income of each spouse, so you know exactly where the money comes from.

Discuss Your Living Arrangements Following Separation

When couples begin the divorce process, they either continue living in the same home or agree to have someone move out while the divorce proceeds. It’s important for couples to understand the impact the current living situation may have on your case. Moving out could affect your ability to see your children, whereas if you stay in your home, you may be affected by your spouse’s behavioral tendencies. In some cases, you may even be forced to consider whether you will need a protective order in the future. Regardless of what you choose, you should both have an emergency contact to stay with in case an unfavorable situation arises.

Determine a Child Custody Arrangement

The presence of children almost always makes a divorce case much more complex and sensitive. Children are a direct representation of both of you, and deciding who gets custody of them can be one of the most emotionally taxing decisions you have to make during the divorce process. You both should begin discussing your ideal custody arrangements and how issues like custody, visitation, and child support will be handled. While the custody decision may not end how you want it to, it’s helpful to at least begin the conversation to learn where the other party stands and what could possibly be best for your children.

Understand Your Behavior Will Be Closely Monitored During A Divorce

Every action you make during a divorce can have consequences. If you act poorly even once, it could be potentially detrimental to the entirety of your case. In highly contested issues like child custody, parental behavior could be the final determinant between who gets custody and who doesn’t. It’s important to act respectfully and appropriately so you don’t damage your chances of receiving fair consideration in custody arrangements, child support, and the distribution of your assets.

Contact a Phoenix Divorce Attorney Today

We know this is hard. Nobody expects divorce when they enter a marriage, but sometimes it is the best option to allow you to move forward. Our Phoenix divorce attorneys with Oracle Law Group have the experience to help you get through this divorce as unscathed as possible, so you can move on and start anew. Contact us at (480) 704-0777 to begin discussing your case.