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A business tort is a wrongful act committed by a business that does not arise to a criminal offense. Some business torts are intentional, while others are due to negligence. Business torts often result in financial damages and penalties.

At Oracle Law Group, our business lawyers will do whatever is necessary to ensure our clients reach their optimal outcome. Our knowledgeable staff has over sixty years of combined legal experience. Accordingly, we know how to guide each client through the confusing and sometimes hazardous legal process.

If you or your company has been victimized by a negligence or intentional wrongdoing, you may be entitled to monetary damages in civil court. Some cases are best handled through litigation, while others can be settled through alternative dispute resolution. Consult with an attorney at Oracle Law Group immediately to see how we can help.

Business Torts in Arizona

There are several different forms of business torts that may affect you. Oracle Law Group has experience in dealing with all of the following:

  • Tortuous interference (intentionally damaging a company’s reputation or business relationships);
  • Unfair business practices (e.g., price fixing);
  • False advertisement; and
  • Unfair competition

If your business is facing a legal predicament that may jeopardize the health or future of your company, consult with an experienced attorney today at 480-704-0777. Oracle Law Group will fight to protect the rights of your Phoenix business, and work to achieve the results you need.