Has Your Child Been Charged With A Crime?

One of the worst phone calls you can ever receive is that your child has been arrested. The first thought that runs through your head is, “Where is my child?” If they are in jail, you want to do all you can to pay a bond and have the child released. The second thought that will likely run through your head is, “What did my child do?”

If your child has been arrested, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Phoenix Juvenile Defense Attorney now. Here at the Oracle Law Group, we have many years of experience in criminal defense and we are here to defend your child. It is very important to understand that juvenile court is much different than adult court. At Oracle Law Group, we have successfully defended countless juveniles. Whether your child is facing a misdemeanor or a felony, our highly-respected law group can work with the juvenile prosecution and judge to have your child’s case resolved in the most effective and timely manner possible.

Understanding Juvenile Crimes

If a child is charged and convicted of a misdemeanor, the judge and prosecutor may agree to let the child be released on some type of probation. If the child successfully completes the probation, the conviction may be erased from his or her juvenile record. There are, however, some misdemeanors that are quite serious and come with harsh consequences. Take for example your child is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Even though this charge is a misdemeanor, if convicted, your child will lose his or her ability to drive for many years and your insurance rates will go up if the child was on your policy.

If your child is charged with a felony, the prosecution will likely try to move it up to adult court if the charge is serious enough. Here at Oracle Law Group, our first priority when taking on a juvenile case is to make sure the charge is not moved to adult court. When juvenile cases are moved to adult court, the resulting punishments are usually far more severe if a conviction is made. We like to see charges stay in juvenile court because the punishments are focused on rehabilitation and making sure your child doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

Regardless of the crime your child has been charged with, you need a Phoenix Juvenile Defense Attorney who is focused on your child’s well-being. At Oracle Law Group, we are here to handle your child’s case with the utmost care, attention, and consideration.