Arizona’s New 2016 Laws You Ought to Know About


Public Safety

1) HB 2451: Requires undocumented aliens convicted of a crime to serve 85% of their sentence before state officials may send them to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation.

2) SB 1196: Expands Arizona’s “Silver Alert” program, which allows for alerts to be issued for missing elderly persons (over 65 years old) who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

3) HB 2001: Makes it a felony-offense for a person to post sexually explicit material of another online with the intent to harass, harm, or intimidate (a criminalization of “revenge porn”).

4) SB 1286: Further expands the State’s online sex offender registry to include those who have been convicted of rape, lesser counts of child molestation, and other crimes where a minor under the age of 12 was sexually exploited.

5) HB 2539: Allows for a sex offender to request a court order removing his name from the State sex offender registry if all of the following conditions are met: (1) the offender completed any required probation; (2) the offender was less than 22-years- old when the offense was committed; (3) the victim was 15-years- old or older when the offense was committed; (4) the conduct was consensual; (5) there was only one victim; (6) the defendant was not sentenced to prison; and (7) the court does not have reason to believe the petitioner is sexually violent.

6) HB 2355: Allows for pharmacists to sell Naloxone—drug meant to combat opiate overdoses—without a prescription, to anyone who might be in danger of an opiate-related overdose, or to anyone assisting someone who may suffer an opiate-related overdose.

Increased Regulations

7) SB 1382: Allows service animals to be excluded from a public place if the animal is not “under the control” of its handler, or the animal is not “housebroken.”

8) HB 2023: Makes it a felony-offense for a person to knowingly collect early ballots from another.

9) SB 1449: Makes it a crime for a drone operator to interfere with law enforcement officials in the course of their official duties. The law also makes it a crime for a drone to loiter or photograph near a critical facility, such as a prison, dam, or railroad.

10) SB 1283: Requires doctors to check the Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program before prescribing controlled substances to patients.

11) HB 2032: Allows cities to lower speed limits on roads adjacent to public parks.

Personal Freedom:

12) SB 1216: Doubles the amount individuals can claim in tax credits for charitable donations ($200 -> $400).

13) SB 1381: Allows large wineries—who are licensed with Arizona’s Liquor Department—to ship wine directly to consumers.

14) HB 2172: Forbids planned communities from unreasonably withholding approval of a construction project’s architectural designs, plans, or amendments.

15) HB 2031: Repeals Arizona’s unpopular “no vertical ID” law that made it illegal for an out-of- state resident to purchase alcohol with an ID that was issued before the customer turned 21.

16) SB 1350: Prevents counties and cities from banning short-term leases, like those offered from companies like Airbnb. The law also sets state-wide rules of taxation for these services (allows the companies, like Airbnb, to collect state lodging taxes from the owner even though the property will still be labeled “residential” for other tax purposes).

17) SB 1516: Allows federally exempt non-profit organizations (often called 501(c) organizations) to take in and spend unlimited amounts on campaign finance without disclosing the source of the funds.


18) SB 1137: Requires all Arizona school districts to teach high school students starting in

19) HB 2338: Forbids any “education institution”—K-12 and state universities—from “prohibit[ing] a person from lawfully possessing or carrying…a concealed weapon on a public right-of- way.”