When should you consider divorce?

Doctor Gail Gross, in a February 9 article on the Huffington Post, shared some factors for individuals to consider if they are struggling with whether or not to divorce their partner.

1. Couples may decide to divorce if their long term goals do not coincide.
2. If their partner demonstrates addictive behavior that puts them or their family at emotional, financial, or physical risk, it may be time to consider filing for divorce.
3. Divorce may be the best option if one feels like they are expending a tremendous amount of effort and self-worth on a partner that does not reciprocate their feelings.
4. Individuals may want to file for divorce if their partner regularly commits infidelity.
5. Individuals who believe that their partner is hiding critical information from them or not consulting with them in the process of making major family decisions may want to consider filing for divorce.

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