How much will my divorce cost me?

Everyone wants to know how much money he or she will have to spend on divorce. It’s a completely legitimate concern, but can be hard to estimate up front due to divorce’s personalized nature. So many particular factors work together to make up the costs of one’s divorce. Things like who you hire, attorneys’ fees (they could vary), the choice between contested and uncontested divorce (contested tends to be more expensive), the length of time spent in court (longer = more expensive), and the amount you might pay in settlement (if applicable). Because of all of these different factors, it’s impossible to know early on how much a divorce will cost any one individual, but you can know which choices might mean it’s more expensive for you.

The best way to estimate how much your divorce could cost is to talk about it with an attorney. Fortunately, the divorce attorneys of the Oracle Law Group, have years of experience helping Phoenix couples get through their divorce and may be able to help estimate your costs. Contact our offices today by calling (480) 704-0777 to learn more.