Computer glitch prevents child support payments for Arizona families

For many Arizona families, holiday shopping was limited this year because a computer glitch resulted in prevented child support payments, according to the Associated Press and KGUN9 on December 26.

Almost 200 families in Arizona reported that they did not receive their expected child support payments in time for the holidays. These families are a part of Arizona’s telecommunications company, CenturyLink, which makes automatic withdrawals of funds for child support each month, sending the funds to Arizona’s Department of Economic Services to be distributed. Usually, the DES deposits the funds into every recipient’s bank accounts, but this December, they had fewer funds to deposit than usual.

It is believed that a computer error in CenturyLink’s system caused the problem, leaving 192 families without the child support payments that many may depend on to make ends meet. Mark Molzen, CenturyLink’s spokesman, cited a file error that caused the delayed payments, although he also assured that the problem was corrected. The company apologized to anyone who experienced inconvenience because of the mistake.

Getting your child support payments on time is critical for Arizona families, especially around the holidays. While you may not be able to prevent computer systems errors, you should be able to depend on your ex-spouse to provide payments when they are due. Unfortunately, many Arizona families are facing financial hardship because of their spouses’ negligence in payments. If you are in this difficult position, the attorneys of the Oracle Law Group, may be able to help you. Call our Phoenix offices at (480) 704-0777 to learn more.