Arizona allows “pregnant man” to divorce

Arizona’s state appellate court recently overturned a ruling that previously prevented a woman and a transgender man to divorce, reported.

Thomas Beatie, a transgender man, and his then wife Nancy Beatie’s relationship was legally recognized by the Arizona Court of Appeals. Thomas Beatie was born a female, but in 2002 he legally changed his body and his birth certificate in his home state of Hawaii to match his psychological gender. Tomas and Nancy married the following year. The couple rose to fame when, since Nancy could not conceive, Thomas chose to carry their three children. Later, the couple moved to Arizona where their relationship wavered. Initially, their divorce proceeding was halted by Arizona Superior Court Judge Douglas Gerlach who challenged the motion, questioning if coupling should be considered a same-sex marriage, and, therefore would not be recognized in Arizona. However, a recent ruling by the Arizona Court of Appeals recognized Thomas Beatie as a man, considered their marriage valid, and granted the divorce.

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