Arizona Accident Attorney’s Tips After Car Accident

What To Do After A Car Accident

(1) Make sure everyone in the vehicles are okay – Don’t concern yourself with vehicle damage or exchanging information until you verify that all parties to the accident are okay.

(2) Call 911 – Some believe that even if no one was hurt in a wreck that it isn’t necessary to call 911 and report the accident. However, if you don’t call, how do you know the other driver’s insurance is up to date? As many as one in seven drivers have no car insurance, and many skirt the system by carrying fake or expired insurance.

(3) Don’t apologize – Even an “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” could be considered an admission of liability.

(4) Start talking to witnesses – Get all the relevant contact information of any bystanders that may have seen the accident.

(5) Take pictures – If there is ever a dispute down the line, the pictures will serve as evidence. In addition, having proof of the damage to the car will help with insurance.

(6) Take notes – Detail the nature of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding the accident. What were you doing just before the crash? What direction were you heading down which street? When were you aware of the other driver? Having answers to these questions can help expedite the process. It also aids in maintaining accuracy with your story, since the details may fade in your memory over time.

(7) Exchange information – Get the other driver’s name, address, insurance company name, policy number, and note the make, model, license plate number and color of vehicle.

(8) Call your insurance company – Even if you are completely at fault, still report the incident to your insurance company. Keep track of the time and money spent pursuing this claim.

(9) Get a property damage figure from your insurance company – This will function as the amount you can recover OR replace your car. Don’t forget that if you’re not happy with this figure, you can seek an outside quote.

(11) Get an attorney – If there is a dispute with your insurance company, or you are injured, seeking legal counsel can be your safest bet to ensure your interests are protected.

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