Judge Sends Message to Teens Nearing 18

Seniors at Chandler High School received a chilling reminder that once you turn 18, the law treats you like an adult and will deal out serious consequences when necessary.  Keith Frankel, Justice of the Peace of the San Marcos Justice Court, gave the students an overview of the consequences that result from breaking the law in regards to: renting an apartment, buying a car, having a relationship with someone younger than 18, and the hazards of underage drinking.  Frankel recounted the story of an 18-year-old Arizona State University student who drank, drove, and got in a car accident that killed three people.

“She is now in the Department of Corrections and will be there at least the next 30 years,” Frankel said to the students.

Frankel then warned of the perils of dating a minor.  Reminding them that if they’re 18 and involved with someone who is still a minor, they are vulnerable if something happens to the relationship and the minor seeks revenge.  If someone sends a certain kind of photo of someone who is younger than 18, then that person could be on the hook for child pornography.  The sentence for child pornography in Arizona is hefty—12 years for every photo sent and the requirement of registering as a sex offender.

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