How to choose a personal injury lawyer

Most people who get in an accident and find themselves injured don’t know who to turn to; after all this is probably their first experience in needing a personal injury lawyer….here are 3 things to look for.

Immediately after the incident everyone is concerned and wants to know the details about what happened, especially insurance companies.  You must be very cautious in this sensitive time immediately after your accident.  The consequences of doing the wrong thing or waiting too long could cost you….even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

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If you know someone who was injured, take a moment and share this with them now….because I will share with you three important things to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney.

Duration of time – Trial experience – Number of cases

Let’s cover each of them individually

Duration of time.  It’s important to find an attorney that knows Arizona laws and knows them well.  There are always unexpected situations that come up and someone with just a few years experience may get caught off guard to Arizona’s latest laws.  It’s important to find a law firm with twenty or more years of Arizona specific personal injury experience.

Trial experience.  Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions such as; how many Arizona based trials have you done?   Despite how much education they have it’s important to put as much in your favor as possible, it’s important to ask.  In addition, an attorney with 15 years experience in Atlanta, Georgia and two years experience in Arizona sounds impressive, however look for Arizona trial experience.  Insurance companies would prefer to not go to trial so if they sense your lawyer is hesitant or intimidated they are less likely to make a good offer in order to settle a case.  Look for a lawyer with 50 or more Arizona based jury trials.

Number of cases.  It’s also important to be specific and ask them how many “Arizona personal Injury” cases they have handled in the past.  What’s worse than having an attorney that learns from bad mistakes is having an attorney that learns from bad mistakes on your case.  You don’t want to allow this to happen.  Be sure to ask good questions about past experience in the number of Arizona personal injury cases they have concrete experience in.

There are other good questions and qualities you can look for we will cover later, for now the three primary things to look for are the Duration of time, Trial experience in Arizona, and Number of cases specific to what you need.

Everyone’s situation is different, you may be one tip or piece of advice away from saving thousands of dollars and wasted time.  Get a consultation today, us at call (480) 704-0777

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