Chandler Teen Not Charged Over Alleged Bomb Threats

The Ken “Chief” Hill Learning Academy was evacuated after a student told investigators of another student’s plan to use explosive devices inside the school. After evacuating, the police found no explosive devices. Police detained the 16-year-old student who allegedly made the bomb threats at his townhouse complex nearby.

Investigators found a device that appeared to be some type of explosive, but X-rays revealed it was a dummy device. Terry Locke, a Chandler School District spokesman said, “We take all threats seriously, and the police responded in a timely manner.” Detectives have declined to pursue charges against the student detained in connection with the explosive devices.

No one has explained the decision to not file charges. Ken “Chief” Hill Learning Academy is an alternative school in the Chandler Unified School District. If your child has been charged with a crime, contact the Arizona Juvenile Criminal Defense lawyers at Oracle Law Group for assistance with your juvenile case at 480-704-0777.