Social Media Dangers

We can’t watch over our children all the time. Sometimes we must let them leave the nest, spread their wings and soar the skies. However, it’s not always that simple.  It would be every parents’ dream not to worry about their children.

Occasionally our little birds run into obstacles. Some crash, some fall and some have trouble getting back into the sky.  So how do we protect our children? How do we keep them flying straight?

Today, technology and social media has created a world full of new and frightening dangers.

In Arizona a juvenile is guilty of threatening or intimidating if they threaten or intimidate by word or conduct to do any of the following:

 1. Cause serious public inconvenience including, but not limited to, evacuation of a place of assembly, transportation facility, or building.

 2. Cause physical injury to another person or serious property damage to the property of another.

 3. Cause physical injury to another person or damage to the property of another in order to assist in the interests of, further, or promote a criminal street gang, racketeering enterprise, or criminal syndicate.

Threatening or intimidating is a class 1 misdemeanor in most cases, unless the offense is committed in retaliation for a victim’s reporting of criminal activity, or unless the offender is a criminal street gang member, in which cases the offense will be charged as a class 6 felony. Yet, Arizona rules that if convicted for scenario #3, threatening or intimidating is typically charged as a class 3 felony.

Knowing the risks of social media is half the battle toward protecting your young ones. Careful monitoring and education of how social media should be used appropriately will help eliminate these digital dangers. If your child has been accused of threatening or intimidating, or any other Internet crime, Oracle Law Group will do everything it takes to keep your young ones flying straight.