Stabbing Rampage at High School

Twenty-two people were injured when Franklin Regional High School sophomore, Alex Hribal, allegedly produced two large knives and proceeded to go on a stabbing rampage.  Hribal, described as a shy 16-year-old boy by classmates, allegedly made a threatening phone call to a fellow student the night before the stabbing.  The Pennsylvania boy is being charged with four counts of attempted homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault.  The District Attorney, John Peck, stated that his office is limited in what information can be released because they still have a crime to prosecute.  Peck is referring to the fact that many school attacks result in the student attacker killing themselves, resulting in more freedom in sharing information with the public.  The police chief said that days after the stabbing, however, Hribal stated that “he wanted someone to kill him.”

As of right now, the trigger for Hribal’s bloody rampage remains unknown.

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