Video Released showing Jack Nicklaus’s Grandson’s Gruesome Motorcycle Accident

A new video reveals the details of last Mays motorcycle crash involving Nick O’Leary, 20, the starting tight end for Florida State University and grandson of golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

A 30-second video shows that O’Leary’s crash was more than just a wreck but a frightening collision that sent O’Leary and his motorcycle flying into the air and in the path of a bus. The video, posted Wednesday by, a website that follows Florida State football, was obtained from the surveillance camera of a Star Metro Bus stopped at a bus stop.

In the video, O’Leary can be seen driving down the road on his motorcycle when a Lexus sedan drives into his path.  The impact sends O’Leary and his motorcycle flying. The police report of the incident says that O’Leary was thrown from the motorcycle and slid nearly 100 feet.  He was taken to an emergency room and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The police report faults the driver of the Lexus for causing the crash, writing that the driver, who was not identified, “had not established the right of way,” and “violated the right of way” of O’Leary.

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