Arizona’s Deadliest Highways

During the summer travel season many Arizonans will be hitting the road to escape the heat.
But did you know that Arizona’s highways are some of the most dangerous in the country?

There were more than 45,000 people injured and 700 people killed in auto accidents last year in Arizona. Many of the worst road ways for injury accidents are highways. Highways have a much higher fatal collision rate than metro areas. Metro areas tend to have more collisions but highways tend to have worse collisions.

Here are the statistics for some Arizona highways.

Arizona Highway 93, Phoenix to Las Vegas: 48 deaths

Interstate 17, Phoenix to Flagstaff: 72 deaths

Interstate 10, Phoenix to Tucson: 81 deaths

Interstate 10, Phoenix to California: 85 deaths

Keep this in mind and take all precautions so that you or your loved one does not become one of these statistics.
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