Threats at North High School

On Friday morning, students at North High School in Phoenix, near 12th street and Thomas Road, were evacuated to the high school’s athletic fields after a school nurse received a threatening phone call.  According to Police, around 7:10 a.m. on Friday, a male made a “non-specific” threat to the school that school officials believed was serious enough to notify police.

According to Phoenix Union High School District Spokesperson Craig Pletenik, Officers know only that the caller was male but do not know his age or whether he spoke with an accent. Mr. Pletenik said, “We can’t tell if it was a student who didn’t want to take a math test today, or a copy cat.”

Police swept the school looking for suspicious items, and closed roads surrounding the school during the search.  The school remained on lockdown, and Police requested that people stay away from the school until the investigation was completed.

According to Mr. Pletenik, the school held a series of fire and emergency drills on Thursday prior to receiving the threat on Friday.

In Arizona, in the year 2000, over 48,000 juveniles were referred to the juvenile court system. In Maricopa County alone, over 23,000 juveniles were referred.  Of those juveniles referred, 66.7% were male and 24.17% were age 17.

In juvenile court, when a child under the age 18 commits an act that would be a criminal defense if committed by an adult, the act is referred to as a “delinquent act.”  If, on the other hand, a child under the age of 18 commits an act that would not be a criminal act if committed by an adult, it is referred to as an “incorrigible act.”  A child may be charged with an incorrigible act if he is habitually truant from school, violates curfew, runs away from home or refuses to obey his parent or guardian’s reasonable direction.

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