Underage Drinking & Driving

Early Saturday morning, Mesa Police Officers arrested approximately 20 people for underage drinking during a party at a mansion in Mesa. According to reports, nearly 400 teenagers were drinking at the Rosewood Estate mansion when the party turned into a riot.

Police say the riot, not the party, is what drew officers to the scene. According to Mesa Police Detective Steve Berry, when officers arrived, “People were jumping the fences trying to get away.”

About the riot, nineteen-year-old Bradley Korman, who attended the party, said, “It was loud. People were just throwing bottles, screaming, . . . just chaos.”

Another teenager in attendance, Adrian Herrera, said, “Words can’t really describe how bad it was. It was like boom. One after another, knock out after knockout. The way people were falling, heads were cracking, There was just blood pouring out. People were lying in the street knocked out.”

According to reports, there was sufficient evidence of the fight, including dried pools of blood in the street in front of the house, broken lights, and beer bottles and broken glass in the street. However, Officers did not charge anyone for the fight because, according to Officers, the people involved in the fight had left the scene before Officers arrived.

Detective Berry said, “We weren’t able to locate anyone with significant injuries that required them to go the hospital.”

According to reports, the mansion is a rental and the tenant, who was speechless when she heard the news, is considering filing charges against the tenant.

Reports do not indicate whether the teenagers drove themselves home after consuming alcohol at the party, but if they did and were stopped by Police while driving, they would have likely faced underage drinking and driving charges in addition to the underage drinking charges.

According to Arizona Revised Statute 4-244, “it is illegal for any person under the age of twenty-one years to drive or be in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while there is any spirituous liquor in that person’s body.” Under this law, it is irrelevant whether the juvenile is driving impaired by the alcohol. Therefore, even if the juvenile believes he/she is sober, he/she will still be subject to DUI charges.

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