Department of Corrections Van Accident

On the morning of April 5th, ten people were injured in an accident on Interstate 10 when a tire blew out on their vehicle causing it to roll. The accident occurred on the Interstate 10 approximately five miles south of Riggs Road.

The van was carrying nine Department of Corrections Officers (DOC) who were returning to their homes after working at the Eyman Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence. According to Officials, none of the passengers suffered life-threatening injuries.

According to Bill Lamoreaux, spokesman for the Department of Corrections, the DOC has 92 vans driven by DOC staff members operating a vanpool program throughout Arizona.

The accident is still under investigation by the Department of Public Safety.

Reports do not indicate whether the Department will be held liable for improperly maintaining the van.

Oftentimes, groups of people going to the same destination choose to travel together. A common vehicle chosen by large groups of people is the 15-passenger van.  Travelling together, as opposed to each individual travelling separately, may reduce the risk of car accidents.

But, accidents involving 15-passenger vans do occur.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, more than 100 people die each year in 15-passenger van accidents. Of these accidents, more than half were single vehicle rollover accidents.

15-passenger van accidents may be the result of several different factors. For example, a 15-passenger van accident may result from the negligent driving of the 15-passenger van’s driver or the driver of the other vehicle.

The accident may also be the result of an improperly maintained or a defective vehicle. If the accident was the result of improper maintenance, the owner of the vehicle, oftentimes a van rental company, may be held liable for the accident.

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