17-Year-Old Arrested for Selling Adderall

According to Police, a seventeen-year-old student at Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy was cited for selling Adderall to other students at his school.  When questioned by Police, the teenager admitted to selling 45 Adderall pills for $2 a piece.

The teenager, who was prescribed the Adderall for Attention Deficit Disorder, told Police that other students purchased the pills from him to help them concentrate.

A parent, whose child purchased Adderall from the student, notified school officials who then notified police.

In questioning other students about the Adderall incident, Police were informed that another student sold a pan of pot brownies for $5 a piece at school to earn money to go skiing. Police did not file charges against this student.

Unfortunately, drug sales and use among Arizona teenagers is among the highest in the nation. In the year 2000, for example, 4, 459 juveniles were arrested on drug charges.

Under Arizona law, selling drugs is considered more serious than the crime of drug possession and can result in more severe penalties. The penalties for selling drugs depends on the type of drugs sold. For example, selling marijuana is slightly less serious than the sale of a dangerous drug such as a narcotic.

Although Arizona’s juvenile system focuses on rehabilitation, a juvenile convicted of selling drugs will need an experienced juvenile attorney. The juvenile defense attorneys at Oracle Law Group have been representing Arizona juveniles for over twenty years and have a long track record of victories.

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