Teen-Driver Accident Rate

According to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, 50 percent of teenagers who recently obtained their drivers license are involved in a car accident within their first year of driving. Many of these accidents are the result of texting while driving. In fact, teenagers are twenty-six times more likely than their parents to send a text message while driving, and generally read or send at least one text every time they get behind the wheel.  The result: an overall increase in teen driver fatalities.

To reduce the rate of teen accidents, a local automotive expert is conducting a free car-care clinic to first-time drivers to encourage safe driving.  One of the focuses of the clinic is text-free driving but also includes stories of teen accident fatalities from a Banner Health ER Nurse Manager. The clinic also teaches teens to avoid distractions such as eating, drinking or talking to other passengers while driving. Finally, the clinic teaches teens basic vehicle maintenance such as changing the vehicle’s oil or tires and how to be prepared for and handle an emergency such as a tire blowout or mechanical failure.

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