A Nevada lawsuit against Merck & Co. was recently added to the growing number of Propecia lawsuits. A man in Nevada contends that he was given the medication Propecia at the age of 26. After discontinuing the medication, he developed problems with erectile dysfunction, depression, and other sexual side effects. He also claims that he has suffered ongoing anxiety and depression because of Propecia use. This lawsuit has been added to the Propecia lawsuit MDL in the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, New York.

This young man alleges that Merck & Co., the manufacturer of Propecia, designed and sold a defective medication and was negligent in failing to warn of known sexual side effects. The Food and Drug Administration updated the warning label for Propecia in 2012, warning that the side effects of impotence, low libido, and difficulties achieving ejaculation and orgasm may continue after use of the medication has stopped. A 2012 medical study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine confirms that sexual dysfunction may persist for months or years after patients stop taking Propecia.

Claims against Merck have been based on Merck’s failure to warn users of Propecia of the serious and potentially irreversible side effects of erectile and sexual dysfunction. These injured men want Merck to take responsibility and fairly compensate them for their irreversible life altering injuries.

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