Bicyclist Flees the Scene of Accident After Being Struck By a Vehicle

Forty-year-old (40) Gerald Knott, who Police describe as a fugitive and transient, fled the scene of an accident after his bicycle struck a vehicle on Frye Road and Arizona Avenue in Chandler. According to a court record, Mr. Knott told the driver of the vehicle that he thought his collarbone was broken from the accident but did not provide the driver with any of his personal information. Mr. Knott then fled, leaving his bicycle at the scene. Police later located Mr. Knott at Chandler Regional Hospital. When Police questioned Mr. Knott about the accident, he provided them with a false name and told police he fled the scene to get some heroin. Upon release from the hospital, Mr. Knott was taken to the Police station where Police identified him as Gerald Knott. Police also discovered that Mr. Knott had a warrant out for his arrest for a theft he committed in New Jersey. According to Police, Mr. Knott has been charged with false reporting to law enforcement, failure to provide lawful name and leaving the scene of an accident and will be extradited to New Jersey.

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