Sixteen-Year-Old Boy Arrested in Peoria as Suspect in Murder Case

According to Peoria Police, a sixteen-year-old (16) boy, whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile, has been arrested in connection with the death of thirty-nine-year-old (39) Steve Gibson. Police were called to a residence near Thunderbird and 75th Avenue. When Police arrived, the victim’s wife told them she found her husband in the garage, dead. According to Police, the teenager later returned to the home and admitted being involved in Mr. Gibson’s death. Police have not determined the motive and have not yet disclosed how Mr. Gibson was killed. Police do not believe anyone else was involved in the murder.

A juvenile found delinquent (guilty of a crime) may face several different consequences such as community service, mandatory counseling, mandatory rehabilitation, and payment of restitution. Juveniles found guilty of serious offenses, as set forth in Arizona Revised Statute 13-604, will likely be committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections.

Alternatively, under certain circumstances, juveniles may be direct filed or transferred to adult court for conviction and sentencing. There are five circumstances under which a juvenile will be tried as an adult:

(1) A juvenile of the age 15, 16 or 17 who has committed certain violent crimes will be tried as an adult;
(2) A juvenile who was previously convicted in adult court will be tried in adult court for any additional probation violations or crimes;
(3) A juvenile of the age 15, 16 or 17 with two prior felony adjudications in juvenile court will be tried as an adult if arrested for a third felony;
(4) A juvenile, age 14, who is considered a chronic offender will be tried as an adult;
(5) A juvenile, age 14 or older, who has committed one of certain specific offenses, will be tried as an adult.

A juvenile who does not fit within one of the above categories may still be transferred to adult court. Specifically, the county attorney, depending on the juvenile’s record and the severity of the offense, may request a transfer.

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