Will New Safety Plan Reduce Auto-Pedestrian Accidents?

In an effort to make road sharing safer among bicyclists and motorists, the Arizona Department of Transportation is updating a bicycle and pedestrian plan first developed in 2003. The State’s explosive growth during the last decade prompted an update to the plan.  The plan is designed to increase pedestrian and bicycle traffic and reduce auto-pedestrian accidents on Arizona roads.

Proposed changes in the plan include:

  • Widening State road shoulders four feet or wider.
  • Creating more paths on roads that can be shared by bicyclists and walkers.
  • Displaying signs to remind bicyclists to ride with traffic and motorists to share the road.
  • Inserting more instructions on avoiding bicycle accidents into the Arizona Driver License Manual.

Some bicycle enthusiasts say they hope the changes will make the roads safer and that educating motorists and bicyclists is one of the best ways to improve safety.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, 154 pedestrians were killed in auto-pedestrian accidents in 2011, and 1,253 were injured.  Twenty-three bicyclists were killed and 1,604 were injured during the same year.

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