Propecia is a drug manufactured by Merck & Co. for the treatment of male patterned baldness. Some men who took the drug have asserted that they have suffered irreversible sexual side effects following ingestion of Propecia. Hundreds of product liability lawsuits have been brought by men contending that Merck & Co. failed to warn them prior to Propecia use that they may experience permanent sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, impotency, and ejaculation disorders.

Many of the Propecia lawsuits also claim that the spouse of the Propecia injured male suffered an injury as a result of his Propecia use. Legal claims by a spouse of an injured party claiming their own injury are referred to as loss of consortium claims. Propecia loss of consortium claims allege that as  a result of Propecia causing sexual dysfunction in her husband, the wife has also been injured because the sexual dysfunction has had adverse effects on the marital relationship.   Wives contend that they have suffered the loss of companionship and a loss of sexual relationships because of their husband’s Propecia injuries. In some cases, claims that the wife will never be able to have children because of her husband’s impotency have been asserted.

Depression, mental and emotional distress, and anxiety have taken a toll on the spouse of a Propecia injured male. Propecia sexual dysfunction side effects can harm the marital relationship. Guidance, comfort, affection, and intimacy are all impacted.

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