Driver Who Killed Girl in Fatal Accident Thought He Hit an Animal

A 7-year-old girl from the Phoenix area is dead after she was hit by a car on a family trip on January 24, 2013.  The driver did not stop at the scene of the fatal accident and is now facing possible charges.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson says the Family parked their vehicle on the side of the road in the northwestern part of the State.  As the girl exited the vehicle and stepped into the road, she was hit by another vehicle, which kept driving.  Later, police received a call from a 70-year-old man who said he thought he had hit an animal.

The man was interviewed by the Department of Public Safety but was not arrested.  A report has been submitted to the County Attorney’s Office to determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute the man in criminal court.

In cases such as this, if criminal charges are not filed as a result of the fatal accident, the Family could still file a claim in civil court for financial damages against the driver of the vehicle.  Because a civil case requires a different level of proof than the level of proof required for a criminal conviction, the driver who causes a fatal accident could face civil liability even if he or she is not charged in criminal court.  The 7-year old girl suffered severe head trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene.

As with any accident, however, whether the driver can be held liable will depend on many factors, which is why an experienced attorney is best able to provide advice about a potential motor vehicle accident claim.

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