Propecia is a medication taken by men to treat male patterned baldness. Sexual injuries have persisted in men who took the medication after the medication was stopped. Men who have taken the drug Propecia and suffered sexual problems may have a claim against Merck & Co., the manufacturer of Propecia. If you or a family member has suffered any sexual related side effects while taking Propecia, he should investigate whether he has a viable claim for sexual related injuries.

There has been an increase in litigation against Merck & Co. alleging failure to warn product liability claims arising from Propecia use. Lawsuits claim that Propecia caused permanent erectile dysfunction and Merck & Co. misled men by stating that any erectile dysfunction was only temporary. Men experiencing persistent problems are now seeking redress for their debilitating injuries. Other complaints have included impotency, lack of libido, genital shrinkage, and low semen volume.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance.  There have been a large number of reports of erectile dysfunction following use of Propecia.  Unfortunately, men feel embarrassment and do not report Propecia related erectile dysfunction.

If you or a love one suspect that Propecia has caused erectile dysfunction, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Consult a Propecia lawyer for a free consultation,
  2. Review your medical history,
  3. Consult a physician for a physical evaluation.

Propecia attorneys at Beauchamp law Office, P.C. would be happy to review your Propecia claim. Oracle Law Group has experienced personal injury attorneys with over 28 years of experience in representing people injured from unsafe products. If you or a loved one has taken Propecia, please contact one of our experienced dangerous drug lawyers today for a free consultation.