Probation in the Juvenile Court System

When a juvenile is placed on probation, it is under the belief that the juvenile can learn to direct or express his/her behavior in a more positive light. Probation allows for the juvenile’s good behavior to be rewarded, yet still be monitored by a probation officer.

What are the terms and conditions of probation?

Since probation is viewed as a treatment plan for the juvenile, the terms and conditions vary based on the juvenile’s individualistic needs.  However, certain terms and conditions apply for all cases such as:

  1. Scheduled contacts with the probation officer
  2. Maintaining law abiding behavior
  3. Paying restitution to the victim

Additional terms may be:

  1. Mandatory drug testing
  2. School attendance
  3. Restitution
  4. Community service hours
  5. Letters of apology
  6. Attendance at counseling/treatment sessions
  7. Restrictions on acquaintances

If the juvenile does not comply with the terms and conditions of probation, the court could impose harsher restrictions, such as detention.