Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney


If you have been injured in an accident, you should immediately consult an attorney.  Deciding whether to consult with a lawyer, at all, can often be a difficult decision. Some people take many months to approach an attorney and this is often a mistake. Some cases require work by an attorney almost immediately due to evidence that must be preserved or statements that must be taken.  There are time deadlines that limit the ability to recover in any given case, and the risk of allowing those time deadlines to pass accidentally is too great to prolong making the decision to speak with an attorney.


Sometimes it appears that there is not adequate insurance coverage following an injury, but a good lawyer can uncover policies or assets that the defendant may have that can help compensate you for your losses. Other times, it may be that you have failed to recognize a proper defendant who should be pursued in a more complicated case. Trying to handle your own case is usually a mistake. At a minimum, speaking to a lawyer who is knowledgeable is the right decision in any potential serious injury case.

The fact that you have hired an attorney to represent you can often indicate to an insurance adjuster that you are willing to protect your rights if a fair offer is not made.   An experienced and honest attorney should be able to advise you as to how an attorney can help on your case or, the least, be able to provide pointer on the best way to handle your claim if an attorney is not needed.

Oracle Law Group has experienced personal injury attorneys that can help you if you have been injured in an accident. Our accident lawyers will work hard to investigate and gather evidence.  Our personal injury attorneys will guide you through the legal process helping you step by step. If you or your loved one has been injured in a personal injury incident, call our Arizona personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.