As of January 2013, court documents confirm that there have been at least 390 Propecia lawsuits filed in federal or state courts. Propecia is a medication manufactured by Merck & Co. to treat male patterned baldness. Propecia has been linked to irreversible sexual side effects in male users. The lawsuits claim that Merck & Co. failed to warn the men about the persistent sexual side effects. Debilitating side effects include sexual dysfunction, impotency, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, and impotency. Also, physical changes such as Gynecomastia, growth of male breast tissue have been reported.

Federal litigation is centralized through the Multi-District Litigation (MDL) in the Eastern District of New York. Federal cases are consolidated for pretrial discovery and remanded back to the  originating federal district for trial in order to streamline discovery and avoid inconsistent rulings. There are 139 lawsuits in federal court and 251 filed in state court in New Jersey, the headquarters for Merck & Co.

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