In 1997, Propecia, (generic finasteride) was approved for the treatment of male patterned baldness.  Propecia has been taken by thousands of men to restore hair growth. These men trusted that Merck & Co.’s claim that any sexual problems encounter while on Propecia were temporary and would disappear after the medicine was discontinued. In April 2012, the FDA mandated changes to the Propecia warning label. The warning label for Propecia  included the risk of persistent erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, problematic orgasm and ejaculation disorders. If Merck knew about the danger, yet chose not to warn men, they should be held accountable for the resulting injuries. The following are some reported Propecia side effects:

  1. Persistent Erectile Dysfunction The precise role of Propecia in causing erectile dysfunction is not known. Propecia  is effective for hair growth due to its action upon enzymes called 5-alpha reductases (5a-Rs). 5a-R enzymes are involved with steroid metabolism, and      converting testosterone into the more powerful hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Propecia decreases the action of 5a-R and reduces the production of DHT, allowing hair to grow naturally. It is also believed that this chemical process plays a role in persistent erectile dysfunction.
  2. Loss of Libido (Decreased Sex Drive) Propecia has also been known to cause a persistent loss of sexual desire (diminished libido).
  3. Lower Semen Production Propecia in clinical studies has been shown to be associated with a reduction in the volume of semen produced by a man during ejaculation. A severely reduced semen volume can cause men difficulty achieving a pregnancy with their partners.
  4. Penile Fibrosis Propecia may contribute to a buildup of plaque in the tissues of the penis. The condition is known as penile fibrosis. The thickened tissue can cause pain, penile shortening, penile shrinkage, and erectile dysfunction.

These Propecia side effects may be permanent. If you or a loved one has taken Propecia and experienced these side effects, contact Oracle Law Group today for a free consultation.  Oracle Law Group is actively investigating Propecia and offers a free consultation to men evaluating a potential claim.