An emergency room physician blames Merck & Co. for the untimely death of his 22 year old son. Randy Santmann committed suicide in 2008, after developing persistent sexual problems after he stopped taking the medicine, Propecia. Mr. Santmann had been on Propecia for 3 years.  Dr. John Santmann contends that his son was in a zombie state and was both impotent and desponded. This emergency room physician alleges that his son committed suicide because of this depression over the Propecia sexual side effects that inflicted havoc in his life.

Dr. Santmann is currently assisting the Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation as its CEO.  In August 2012, the Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation launched its website,  in order to obtain funding for medical research into the underlying biologic mechanism and treatment of post-finasteride syndrome (PFS). The foundation also wants to increase public awareness of PFS.

PFS is characterized by sexual, neurological, hormonal, and psychological side effects that continue after men terminated treatment for hair loss or enlarged prostates with the medications Propecia and Proscar. Symptoms of PFS may include erectile dysfunction, severe depression, and cognitive impairment, loss of libido, impotence, penile shrinkage, and gynecomastia. Finasteride is the generic of both Proscar and Propecia, two medications manufactured by Merck & Co. that have been under recent scrutiny for causing permanent sexual dysfunction.

Although Merck updated the warnings provided in several other countries to indicate that some men reported suffering persistent sexual side effects from Propecia after the hair-loss drug was no longer used, they resisted updating the warnings provided in the United States until April 2012. Recent lawsuits against Merck have alleged that Merck failed to warn of the permanent sexual side effects.  Many men allege that if they had been provided with accurate information about the risk of long-term sexual dysfunction, they never would have taken the prescription drug to help restore hair loss and improve their appearance

PFS can destroy lives. Divorce, broken relationships, job loss, and suicides have all been reported.  Propecia attorneys at  Oracle Law Group are currently investigating cases against the drug manufacturer Merck & Co.  for Propecia and Proscar. If you or a loved one has experienced side effects after taking Propecia or Proscar, please contact one of our experienced dangerous drug attorneys.