Propecia Lawyers Bring Sexual Dysfunction Lawsuits

Propecia and the drug Proscar are brand names for finasteride, a synthetic antiandrogen that prevents enzymes from converting testosterone to dihyudrotesterone (DHT). In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration approved Proscar to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). In 1997, the FDA approved the use of finasteride under the brand name Propecia to treat male patterned baldness. Merck & Co. manufactures both Proscar and Propecia. In April of 2012, the FDA increased the warnings for Propecia and Proscar following reports of continued sexual dysfunction side effects following discontinuation of the medication.

2012 has brought an increase in litigation against Merck for claims of failure to warn men of the potential of irreversible sexual dysfunction following treatment with finasteride medications, Proscar and Propecia. Many men currently taking these medications are unaware of the severity of sexual dysfunction side effects because they have been led to believe by Merck that the sexual dysfunction side effects are only temporary. However, new studies and adverse reports suggest that serious side effects can continue for months, even years after the cessation of the medication.

Sexual dysfunction can have a significant impact on a man and his family. There have been reports of broken marriages, job loss, and suicides.  Propecia attorneys at Oracle Law Group  are currently investigating cases against the drug manufacturer Merck for Propecia and Proscar.

Oracle Law Group  has experienced personal attorneys that can help you or your loved one determine if you have a Propecia or Proscar claim. With over 28 years of experience in personal injury litigation, our skilled personal injury lawyers have collected millions of dollars in compensation for  our injured clients. Our products liability lawyers can help you recover compensation for permanent side effects, wage loss, disfigurement,  and medical bills. Call the Oracle Law Group  for a free consultation with a skilled product’s liability attorney if you or your loved one is suffering from sexual dysfunction after taking Propecia or Proscar.