Many lawsuits are pending against Merck & Co. asserting that Propecia, a medication used for the treatment of male patterned baldness causes permanent sexual dysfunction.   Currently, there is a Canadian class action lawsuit, but no certified Propecia class action in the United States. Propecia lawsuits have been based on failure to warn claims that certain side effects were not disclosed. Failure to warn claims include failure to warn of erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, lack of libido, penile shrinkage, decreased amount of semen, and decreased ejaculatory volume.  Propecia side effects may be long lasting and possibly irreversible.

Class actions have many advantages over conventional lawsuits:

  • Class actions allow individuals to file a claim as a group, when individually they cannot afford to do so.
  • Class actions create strength in a large number of plaintiffs.
  • Class actions force large corporations to be held accountable for wrongdoing.
  • Class action legislation extends the statute of limitation period before which an individual action must be filed.
  • Class actions place fewer obligations on class members than individual lawsuits.
  • Class actions are cost effective and spread litigation costs.
  • Class actions increase judicial efficiency, joining several plaintiffs under one case.

Propecia attorneys at Oracle Law Group are investigating cases against the drug manufacturer Merck & Co for Propecia.  Oracle Law Group has experienced personal injury attorneys with over 28 years of experience in representing people injured from unsafe products. If you or a loved one has taken Propecia, please contact one of our experienced dangerous drug attorneys for a free consultation.