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Lawsuits brought against Merck & Co. contend that Propecia, a medication used by young men for the treatment of male patterned baldness caused permanent sexual problems. There is a pending Propecia class action in Canada. However, there is currently no certified class action Propecia lawsuit in the United States.

The Canadian class action lawsuit alleges that Merck & Co. failed to adequately warn Canadian men of the risks associated with the Propecia. Erectile and sexual dysfunction are undisclosed risks that are alleged in the Canadian litigation. Propecia has been associated with many side effects including lack of libido, penile shrinkage, decreased ejaculatory volume, impotency, and depression. Claims have been made that these side effects are irreversible.

It is unknown whether a Propecia class action will ever be certified in the United States. In order for a case to become a certified class action, a representative plaintiff must be chosen and a class action complaint filed in court. A representative plaintiff is the class member who agrees to act on behalf of the rest of the class. The representative plaintiff is selected prior to the commencement of the lawsuit. There are no special skills or qualifications required to become the representative plaintiff. The representative plaintiff must agree to actively participate in the class action lawsuit and represent the interests of the class. The representative plaintiff works with the class action lawyers to ensure the interests of the class are fairly represented and diligently pursued. Representative plaintiffs may also be required to attend certain legal proceedings, such as court hearings and trials.

Then, the court must review the complaint and determine whether it should be certified and proceed as a class action. Certification is granted when the court is satisfied that:

  • There is a lawful claim against a defendant.
  • There is an identifiable class of affected persons.
  • There is an appropriate representative plaintiff to represent the class members.
  • The class action procedure is  preferable to individual lawsuits.

Propecia attorneys at Oracle Law Group are currently investigating cases against the drug manufacturer Merck & Co for Propecia.  Oracle Law Group has experienced personal injury attorneys with over 28 years of experience in representing people injured from unsafe products and handling product liability class actions.  If you or a loved one has taken Propecia, please contact one of our experienced dangerous drug attorneys for a free consultation.