Lawsuit filings have increased against Merck & Co. contending that Propecia, a medication taken for male patterned baldness caused permanent sexual dysfunction in young men. In April 2012, an order was issued by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, consolidating all federal filed Propecia lawsuits throughout the United States (MDL Docket No. 2331). Currently, there is no United States certified class action  but there is a class action in Canada.

MDL’s (or multi-district litigation) differ from class actions because each lawsuit is still, for the most part, treated as an individual and separate claim.  Multiple lawsuits are gathered and assigned to one federal court judge in order for that judge to handle pretrial matters common to all cases to maintain uniformity. MDL’s are created when there have been numerous lawsuits filed in federal courts involving common factual issues. In the Propecia lawsuits, there are common claims that undisclosed side effects were responsible for permanent injuries including permanent sexual dysfunction. There are potentially hundreds of Propecia lawsuits across the country for injuries caused by Propecia.

Propecia has been associated with a multitude of side effects. Some complaints include erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, lack of libido, impotence, penile shrinkage, decreased amount of semen, and decreased ejaculatory volume.  It has been claimed that the side effects of Propecia may be long lasting and possibly irreversible.

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