Propecia is a drug used for the treatment of male baldness has been linked to permanent erectile dysfunction in young men who took the drug manufactured by Merck & Co. One such man has come forward to tell his sad and tragic story to the media. Steven Rossello claims that but for Propecia, he would still be a special-agent for the United States actively fighting terrorism. Striped of his field duties as a criminal investigator, Rossello now works in a desk job and earns about $15,000 less. Rossello attributes his lost job to the side effects he has suffered from Propecia.

Rossello started taking Propecia at age 22 for early onset baldness in 2006 when he was in college.  He took the medication on and off. He had a few sexual side effects after he first stopped taking Propecia but did not attribute them to Propecia. In September 2010, Rossello again tried Propecia. He stopped after 3 months because of the side effects: genital pain and numbness, testicular shrinking, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction, reduced fertility, and bloating. Rossello consulted with a general practitioner, one urologist, three endocrinologists and three psychiatrists, none of whom, he claims could help him.

Rossello claims that he became extremely depressed after taking the medication which caused his career to unravel. He was forced to a desk job because of the depression. Rossello also says his love life has also been destroyed because the sexual side effects of Propecia have made it impossible to sustain an ongoing romantic relationship. Rossello keeps close tabs on medical research in hopes that there will be a cure in the future. Rossello blames Merck & Co for his plight. He has made a plea to CEO Kenneth Frazier to pull Propecia off the market immediately and recall all existing prescriptions. Lawsuits against Merck & Co have increased over the last few years claiming Propecia caused sexual dysfunction. These lawsuits claim that Merck failed to provide adequate warning of permanent sexual dysfunction to the men who took the drug.

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